Underwater: by Helen Frenkel

I was swimming under water,
Noticed, I couldn’t breathe.
Had to come out of the water,
To get air so fresh, with ease.

But I didn’t.   I kept searching,
Suffocating inbetween.
As my brain was never watching,
Wondering, what could have been.

It was blurry, dark and scary,
I could never be like fish.
Knowing what was necessary,
But denying biggest wish.

If I only searched around,
And looked up to see the sun.
Noticed approaching ground,
Breathed fresh air and had some fun.

Gloomy thoughts and wrong perceptions
Keep us underwater stuck.
Never making right connections,
Never seeing any luck.

Sun like hope and gracious wonder.
All you have to do is see.
Don’t stay down to suffer under,
Look above the stormy sea…

Copyright 2015 Helen Frenkel

Helen Frenkel is a poet from the Ukraine now living in the USA. She writes poetry in Ukranian, Russian and English. More of her poetry can be found on her Facebook page by clicking on the following link: Helen Frenkel, Poet

By bonniemcclellan

Mother, poet, american ex-pat from Texas living in Northern Italy.

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