21 March 2020, Lombardia, Italia – by Bonnie McClellan

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21 March 2020, Lombardia, Italia


everything stilled

the world has stopped

a spring

crowned with silence.

On the occasion of the municipality posting a letter asking people to pay their cemetery dues – by Bonnie McClellan

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On the occasion of the municipality posting a letter asking people to pay their cemetery dues


Boxes of disremembered bones

expatriated into/out of locus

sad berth

the heartbreak of a January

blossoming cherry.

Paranoia by Bonnie McClellan

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Her eyes slide to the side

like a Sienese saint

Painted by the brothers who died in the plague

back when there were 100 stories to tell

while bodies rotted,

left where they fell.

Escape into a place where

 we can’t smell

we can’t feel

we can’t fear

But she’s convinced it’s coming:

selfie snapping

facial mapping

the lost weekend

the bottom

of the barrel.


Three Saints (oil on panel) by Lorenzetti

A Belated Poem for International Women’s Day

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Her hair is like a flag,
like an olive branch,
distinguished by its colour,
(unique but the same,
as so many others),
flapping in the wind
fruitlessly offering

Cloud Towers

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Thunder is grumbling down again,
Out of that un-ironed pile of forgotten clouds,
towering over the Alps.
Sweltering, breaking heat
A few 11 o’clock fireworks,
Even here.


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This evening’s fresh clouds burst, Scattering across the asphalt a handful of rain’s unseasonable black confetti.

A jug of wine,

No loaf.

No thou.

I feed among the lilies of this resplendent sky.


Mothers and Daughters: Communicating Vessels

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One year when the awakened plane trees
find themselves struck yellow in the night,
there will be nothing left of me but
a memory in your hands as they pull
wet laundry from the spun drum or
open the window’s case –
inviting October’s last, warm breath
to communicate the dust
between one room
and another.

by Bonnie McClellan


This was first posted in May of 2013.

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