shared emotion: by Ken Gierke

thought, emotion
in a relay race
through body and mind
each lap igniting sparks
firing across synapses
spoken, unspoken

thought, emotion
facing a tsunami of
slowly seeping away
leaving behind
sodden ash

thought, emotion
in a dull glow
re-firing to
bridge a gap
commune with
the outside world

To hear the poet’s reading of the poem, click on the player below:

Ken Gierke is a retired truck driver who started writing poetry at 40 as a way to sort through his thoughts. He’s been honing his writing skills over the last 3 years at his Wordpress blog and you can find more of his work HERE.

Halting Novena

I struggle to abandon apollonian mind to faith:
To leave aside the compass given me to read, arrange
And bend the spinning chaos to the rhythm of my breath.

My path

Is that of reason. Yet relieved to find the passing strange
Truth which flouts my measured doubt: I can scarce allow
Myself the grace that we are twin and have so been forever.

A fact

Which grounds all other house-of-cards truths i pretend to know.
And what of that? The world spins on indifferent to whether
My conjectures stand to reason. We know each other.

And laugh


This poem is an anonymous submission received for IPM 2017