Anon: by Adina Richman

(For my first reader, and the one who matters the most)


I think, these days, more often

Of impending impermanency

How edges begin to soften

Of icebergs reclaimed by the sea


One day I’ll look around, anon

Not recognizing what I see

I’ll look for you, but you’ll be gone

Without you, I can’t find me


I worry then about that time

When we both disappear

Without the wind is there a chime

Once you are far and I’m left here?


copyright 2015 Adina Richman, all rights reserved

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~ by bonniemcclellan on February 14, 2015.

One Response to “Anon: by Adina Richman”

  1. My word, that’s moving. Because it is simple and understated it has the appearance of a slight thing, but actually it’s a big strong poem.

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