Answer Inside a Question

we all bumble through
our stumbling ‘now’
our answers to the same question(s).
“Well now – not for the first time!”*

the think of marvelous awe
and best proof that i’ve ever found
that there is some shimmering “YES!”
in those vibrating strings:
of Lyre
of Voice
of the collapse and expand of cosmos’ breath:
organizing it into the chaos of a collapsing star,
is that we ask.

we ask

and the answer is in that question
those questions we’re all asking in unison
unified (perhaps not) only in this theoretical field
full of stars
and bursting into being.

*(see Anne Carson’s second note on translating Sappho in “if not winter”)

IPM 2MXI…Where have all the poems gone?

“We’re all trying: poets to give you, the reader, the gift of an image that cannot be offered in any better way, that cracks you a bit and frees something; you, readers, are giving us the gift of your searching, your curiosity, your attention…”

That’s what I wrote on the 31st. of January when I inaugurated International Poetry Month 2011 and now, on the 2nd of March I say, with joy, it happened…the exchange of gifts between poets and readers.

Now what?

International Poetry Month 2011 is closed. The marauding hordes have left the library ablaze, the flood has washed away the ashes, the caravan carrying the last copy of the precious poetry collection has vanished in the desert; at least that’s what it feels like to me as I hit the delete key and erase the written versions of the poems.

What remains is the oral tradition; I have made audio files of each poem available where the poem used to be posted.  Anyone who is on my e-mail list has a ‘fragment’ of each work. Perhaps, like the poems of Sappho, this is all that will remain.

I would like to extend my profound thanks to the following guest poets for their contributions:

Anonymous 2oth Cent. Poet

Cesare Bedognè

Gilles-Marie Chenot

Chris Fillebrown

Brad Frederiksen

Giacomo Gusmeroli

Michelle Lee Houghton

Christian Stokbro Karlsen

Tom McClellan

Angel Raiter

Adina Richman

Liliane Richman

Jere Schaefer

Octavio Solis

Edin Suljic

Some of these poets have blogs or websites where intriguing writing and images may be encountered. I encourage anyone suffering from poetry withdrawal to visit these sites by clicking on any of the names that appear in bold. Others are tantalizingly unavailable, if you want to see more of their work you’ll have to hope that they come back next year. Of course my work that is or has been posted throughout the rest of the year is still here.

Thanks as well to everyone who has stopped by to read and comment on the poems either here or at podbean*. It has been a real joy to present so much fine poetry again this year. Now I have to start thinking about next year and get back to writing.

A presto!

*podbean ate my audio! All mp3’s can now be found posted with the poem.

OFF THE CUFF: by Brad Frederiksen

This poem has disappeared from the site, if you’re wondering why, click HERE.

To listen to a reading of this poem, click the play arrow: 

To read more work by Brad Frederiksen, click HERE.

Series I : Polyvalence : context is everything

Series I : polyvalence* : context is everything


Burial at Sea



Speaking Truth toPower/The Admonitions Scroll




Morning Shift




*pol·y·va·lent (pŏl’ē-vā’lənt)

  1. Acting against or interacting with more than one kind of antigen, antibody, toxin, or microorganism.
  2. Chemistry
    1. Having more than one valence.
    2. Having a valence of 3 or higher.

3. (fig.) having many different functions, forms, or facets.

Grandpa’s Orchids: by Brad Frederiksen

The written version of this poem has disappeared from this archive. If you’re wondering why, click HERE.

To listen to or download a podcast of this poem click HERE.

To read more poetry and other interesting musings by Brad Frederickson click HERE to access his blog at Maekitso’s Cafe.

To hear Brad reading a few of his own poems click HERE to access his Podbean site.

Listen to Kiersty Boon’s fine podcast of Brad’s striking poem, “Reparation” HERE.

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