Series I : Polyvalence : context is everything

Series I : polyvalence* : context is everything


Burial at Sea



Speaking Truth toPower/The Admonitions Scroll




Morning Shift




*pol·y·va·lent (pŏl’ē-vā’lənt)

  1. Acting against or interacting with more than one kind of antigen, antibody, toxin, or microorganism.
  2. Chemistry
    1. Having more than one valence.
    2. Having a valence of 3 or higher.

3. (fig.) having many different functions, forms, or facets.

~ by bonniemcclellan on June 8, 2010.

10 Responses to “Series I : Polyvalence : context is everything”

  1. You lost me. Can I have more info?

    • the words that make up the poem have multiple meanings that are suggested by the titles: “burial at sea” WAKE (the path left in the water by the ship, the celebration of a person’s life after their death, to arise from sleep…what I’m looking to do is nudge the reader into thinking hard about the word in the context of the title and finding their own series of mental images and connections in way that the poem serves as a mirror for the reader.

  2. These are fun! It’s good that you are working again.


  3. Now that is fun. Definition #3 sounds like a mom, don’t you think?

  4. grazie bonnie!
    and by the way it’s a perfect way to practice my english! you should suggest this for every language learning! besides poetry schools of course.. 😉

  5. 1. The view.
    2. Food for thought. Ice cream reserved for dessert. Does poetry that names its place restrict its place in time?
    3. Shave. Shower. Regret. Justify right.

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