Answer Inside a Question

we all bumble through
our stumbling ‘now’
our answers to the same question(s).
“Well now – not for the first time!”*

the think of marvelous awe
and best proof that i’ve ever found
that there is some shimmering “YES!”
in those vibrating strings:
of Lyre
of Voice
of the collapse and expand of cosmos’ breath:
organizing it into the chaos of a collapsing star,
is that we ask.

we ask

and the answer is in that question
those questions we’re all asking in unison
unified (perhaps not) only in this theoretical field
full of stars
and bursting into being.

*(see Anne Carson’s second note on translating Sappho in “if not winter”)

By bonniemcclellan

Mother, poet, american ex-pat from Texas living in Northern Italy.


  1. to paraphrase Val from an earlier comment, ‘all the matter is now’, and in a therefored 3D! and thus deductively; force, radiation in (t)D! Don’t hold me to that though! Thanks Bonnie 🙂

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