Finding good bread in my own house

Rustic and olive breads from “Artisan Bread in 5min. a Day

My mom gave me this book when I was visiting in Texas. I’d tried their basic recipe before but now that I have the book I’m experimenting with some of the ‘fancy’ things like olive bread. I have successfully halved the recipe since I have a half-sized fridge and it works great! It’s faster than the sourdough that I had been making and the loaves can be tiny if you want them to be (I divided the olive dough into 4 ‘rolls’). Even without the baking stone and the pizza peel  – I let mine rise directly in a pie tin dusted with a thick layer of corn meal and then pop it right in my little oven when it’s hot enough  – and I’ve had not one bad loaf.
If you’re thinking of making bread at home but worried about having time, then try this one just as easy and much prettier than bread-machine bread.

Buon appittito!

By bonniemcclellan

Mother, poet, american ex-pat from Texas living in Northern Italy.

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