Poiesis, The Art of Poetry: by Anna Mosca

Poiesis, The Art of Poetry


If I arrange myself

between white spaces

give me a rhythm
between bodies and souls

that will transfer
that will transcribe

light on the soft
curve of waves
a second before


(From the collection: Summer Colors).

To hear the poet’s reading of this poem, click on the player below:

Poiesis,L’arte di fare poesia


se mi dispongo

tra gli spazi bianchi

dammi un ritmo
che sia
tra i corpi e le anime

che trasporti
che trascriva

la luce sulla curva
morbida delle onde
un attimo prima


(dalla collezione: Colori estivi)

Clicca qui sotto per ascoltare l’audio:

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Mother, poet, american ex-pat from Texas living in Northern Italy.


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