Lost At Sea: by Anna Mosca


I had the feeling

I had been lost at sea

just for a few weeks


if weeks count as

years having no sweet

food or drink just


overcoming the waves

withstand the wind patience

unfolded under the sun


one morning  – passing by

a mirror – not able to

recognize myself



ho avuto la sensazione

d’esser stata naufraga persa

nel mare qualche settimana


se le settimane contano

come anni senza cibo

o acqua dolce solo


le onde da superare

sopportando il vento la pazienza

spiegata sotto il sole


una mattina – passando

davanti a uno specchio –

incapace di riconoscermi


To listen to the poet’s reading of this poem in English click on the audio below:
You  can read more of Anna Mosca’s “California Notebooks” by clicking HERE.
Leggi più dei “quaderni californiani” di Anna Mosca QUI.

By bonniemcclellan

Mother, poet, american ex-pat from Texas living in Northern Italy.


    1. Thank you, happy you like it. The imagery of enduring life’s elements while in the middle of the sea was the most powerful I could come up with to describe emotional hardship. 🙂

  1. A lovely poem, too keenly aware of its agony to show it. When one is “lost at sea,” what is one’s reflection in the mirror but a deserted isle in the middle of a tempest. Or a ghost ship, following its own true north. Hearing this read aloud, the beauty of one’s loneliness is ripened to a crisp perfection.

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