Sabato notte: di Anna Mosca

La versione scritta di questa poesia è scomparsa. Una versione audio può essere trovata qui sotto con i link a ulteriori informazioni sul poetessa:

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The english version of this poem has disappeared,  an audio version in  Italian can be found above and the  written version of the poem in  Italian can be found HERE.

English-language poetry by this poet can be found HERE.

By bonniemcclellan

Mother, poet, american ex-pat from Texas living in Northern Italy.


  1. So many fascinating permutations of expression here to linger among, Anna. As I listen to your reading and follow the Italian print, I find myself comfortably speaking the language (quietly in my head, but my lips are moving). I listen to your reading and follow the English, and I find myself able to follow the lines by the line breaks in your pauses. Then there’s this heightened awareness I hear of the sorrow and something like resignation in the voice of the reader that makes me wonder if I could carry that feeling across to a reading from the English…

    1. “Ditto” to Brad’s comments. I concur. In addition, I would feel somewhat alone in the setting you portray. It would so unlike me to be among others and not want to convey a “Hello…” or “Good morning!” to at least one other person and strike up a cordial conversation. I appreciate the way you provided the setting so succinctly, and how it “took me to another place, far, far away: the land of Italy”. Your reading of the poem is contemplative and makes me feel as though we are in the same space, with you baring your soul to those in your presence.

      1. It was the same to me when, while living in U.S., I was returning to Europe. Thank you for feed back and for catching the point of the poem!

    2. Brad you got that right 🙂 a deep far away sounding sorrow and resegnation… such at the core of this poem and the country! I don’t think it will work or translate in the English cause these are baggage of the souls here…

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