List: I’m just the type…

I'm just the type for whom
no end is suffix (ient):
tap (drip, drip, drip)
where is the beer, the syrup, the flow in this day?
clip (ed) to the
     do I mean to to say kissed where my ship comes in
     or pinned to the dry velvet of a leaf?

finish (ed)
board (ing)
     shall I wave my handkerchief as I sail off
     or thank the landlady for lunch as I wipe my lips
     sliding my legs across the polished wood?

I must be at least two tired to get anywhere,
    looking in wonder through the iris
    that will bear
    up under
    the snow. 

~ by bonniemcclellan on December 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “List: I’m just the type…”

  1. I love the playfulness with which you tacklerumble the language Bonnie. I feel like a pedestrian on a bushwalk being leapt on from behind by a cyclist with a late-sounding bell and a tickle addiction!

    • Thanks Brad, I’m having fun with the polyvalent words. I found quite a few looking at your piece on the crescent moon…”wax” is amazing. Hope to see you at IPM 2MXI.

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