Just a little bit…

Herringbone-pattern wool cuff

 You know that feeling when you just have one tiny ball left from a project, not enough to do anything but you loved the yarn and can’t bear to use it just to tie up other skeins. I invented a tiny project that was fast and fun.

I was so inspired by this amazing herringbone pattern at purlbee: 

That I had to try the stitch. It’s EASY (once you get the hang of it). 

I had just a tiny ball of The Wool Box’s PETTINATO BOSE 1/1200 left over from when I  made my current favorite hat and found that it was the perfect yarn for the stitch. I was so pleased with my sample that I added a leather button and made a wrist-warmer cuff.

With a vintage leather button
Makes a great wrist-warmer cuff

If you want to know how to make it, leave me a  note and I’ll post the pattern. 
P.S. Last Saturday I made a trip to visit Biella and The Wool Box. What an amazing place and what an incredible project…I’ll tell you more soon.
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