Slow progress…IPM 2MXI

I have been trying, for the last month or two, to pull myself together and write the “why” essay for the big Flash Poetry Event that I have on my other blog every February. I still haven’t written it but at least I finally managed to post the submission guidelines and send an e-mail soliciting work to poets who do work that I like. I remember what an amazing amount of work it turned out to be last year and I’m hoping I manage to be a little further ahead this year.
I miss Paul Squires; it was difficult to take his name off the mailing list of poets that I pulled up from last year. I find that I am looking forward to it…fun, inspirational, creatively stimulating and something new every day. It also means that I have to start writing too, and not just the essay, good.

If you’re interested, take a peek: International Poetry Month 2011 – Submit to the Word

TENDER: for Paul Squires (in memorium)

“I miss you and I wanted to write / you a letter to tell you I miss you / but there is no silence / like hello unanswered”

Paul Squires from: “A Small Boy Holding Flowers


What is paid?
What is offered?
How is that spot
when pushed?
What are we looking after?

there is no first word: by Paul Squires

The written version of this poem has disappeared from this archive. If you’re wondering why, click HERE.

To listen to a podcast of this poem, click on the player below:

Listen to Paul reading his own work for the NPR broadcast: WORDSALAD

Read more of Paul’s work at GINGATAO including interesting and playful thoughts about translation of cross-cultural metrical requirements in this POST.

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