Internet suite: Sappho’s Sandals

how are the toning shoes working?
(I keep seeing an add for those too,
over here to the side) but these are sneakers,
not sandals.

Should I join the “Performers Café”
as suggested…713 others like it
but it’s only for musicians.

Am I that?

Sappho would say yes,
Poetry is singing:

She would lift
her garlanded brow,
her ivory arms,
her silver voice:

“up with the roof!
Hymenaios –
lift it, carpenters!
Hymenaios –
the bridegroom is coming in
equal to Ares…”

Perhaps she knew
the “Secret Psycology”
they’re touting at:
Make Him Fall For You?
Or maybe her fall…
or maybe,
she just had
a good pair

of toning sandals?

Internet Suite: Asian Child / Mediterranean Island

Today as i visit your page i find ads for:
Asian Parent! with writing in an ideogrammatic language;
Love Beads – do you love beading?
Three adds for vacation spots:
French House Party, Carcassonne…
Hotel Vincent, Parisian Luxury.
and a Mediterranean Island I’ve never heard of.

I imagine myself, poolside on an
anonymous island between france and
north africa
beading away
with an asian child;
She stands behind me,
bending over my beading,
and strokes my thick,
black hair.

I smile at her,
she looks like
the sister of
a peach of a girl.

Internet Suite: Duet

There was a rain storm yesterday and across the street
It rained rose petals from the climbers in the garden above.
The wet asphalt was drenched with these pink drops
licking the stern obscurity of letters not still white
S T O P.


I am immersed in a Japan that isn’t.
Google and FB know.

To the side has just appeared an ad for an opera singer
Whose voice “goes down like the smoothest of alcoholic beverages”
Which is not really how I like my opera.

Do they have a singer whose voice:
“scalds like strong, hot coffee first thing in the morning?”
“is as transcendent as a great orgasm?”
“who evokes an abyss of guilt and sadness comparable only to leaving your sobbing child as you walk away from the school?”

If yes, I’ll buy.

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