A leaf in time saves your stomach

I woke up last night around 2 am with ‘that’ feeling…terribly thirsty but knowing from experience that what I wanted most, a huge glass of cool water, would be the wrong thing unless I wanted my dinner to have an out-of-body experience. Chilled, achy, feverish, nauseous…I hate this combination because it means that I can’t take and Advil for the first 3 because of the fourth; bummer.
But then I saw the light…or rather stumbled through the dark of my two a.m. living room to the window-box where I found…

Basil! the best anti-nausea herb I know. I chewed up a few leaves and stuck the other under my nose. This morning I got my sweetie to bring me a thermos of warm water and kept sipping water and chewing basil until my stomach was in shape to eat a slice of bread (followed by the long awaited Advil!) I still feel lousy but at least one of my symptoms is off the list for good.
Next time you’re feeling woozy, grab a leaf. In a pinch smelling lemon rind scratched with a fingernail, crushed French Lavander or orange peel will help too.
Stay well!