International Poetry Month 2017 is open for submissions.

International Poetry Month is back!

Over 2016 the power of language to damage and tear apart has never been more evident, from the Oxford’s word of the year, post-truth, to fake news, to political rhetoric around the world, to harsh exchanges between friends and families. In February of 2017 I would like to counterweight language’s destructive power and offer instead an opportunity for language to link people and places in a shared ‘neural network’ of creative exchange between readers and writers.

Are you ready? IPM 2017 is now open for submissions.


Bonnie McClellan-Broussard – editor IPM



Vedi sotto per le linee guida per la presentazione in italiano (tutto in verde)

Voir ci-dessous pour les directives de soumission en français (toute en blu)

Submissions will be open from Jan. 01, 2017 – Feb. 10, 2015 – Send submissions in any language (no more than 3 poems of any length) to:

You will receive a receipt confirmation and a response within one week of your submission.

Poems will be published on-line during February of 2017. For poems in other languages an English translation is welcome but not obligatory.


Dal 01/01/2017 al 10/02/2017 – Inviare la poesia proposta (non più di 3 opere di qualsiasi lunghezza) al redazione a:

Riceverete una conferma di ricevuto e una risposta entro una settimana dalla vostra presentazione.

Le opere saranno pubblicate on-line nel mese di febbraio (2017), ma voglio avere la poesia appena possibile (in qualsiasi lingua – traduzione in inglese gradito ma non obbligatorio).


De 01/01/2017 à 10/02/2017 Envoyer une proposition de poésie (pas plus de 3 œuvres de n’importe quelle longueur) à la rédaction:

bmcclellan.lapoeta @

Vous recevrez une confirmation et reçu une réponse dans une semaine après votre présentation.

Les œuvres seront publiés on-line en Février (2017), mais je veux avoir la poésie aussitôt que possible (dans n’importe quelle langue – traduction anglaise bienvenue mais pas obligatoire).


    1. Hi and thanks for stopping by! The submission dates are Jan 1- Feb 10 of 2017. The event itself is from Feb. 1-28 with a new poem posted each day. Poems written in any language are welcome, I offer free translation into English from French, Italian, Dutch and Danish for those poets who would like a translation. The majority of the poems that appear during International Poetry Month are in English but come from poets working around the world. If you would like to make a submission, simply send 3 poems of any length to the email address listed on the submissions page. Happy writing!

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