The Ultimate Train Crash…: by Edward M. Stanton

A kaleidoscope
of life collisions.
One by one
precision laser
unexpectedly bombard
without hesitation
and no remorse.
We endure a journey
sometimes peaceful
sometimes tumultuous
but always,
Late night candelabras
flicker seemingly
out of control,
all the while staying
closely guarding the wick.
Seashores parade
personalities awash
with character,
yet ever-changing
her psychological landscape.
Whatever happened
to the predictable??
It blew away in the wind,
just as sand scatters
like a herd of cats.
The wonder of life comes
in little packages,
always keeping
us pondering,
and never betraying
her secrets.
Celestial illusions
mislead our common sense,
polluting our dreams
with impossible realities,
never to occur,
banished from becoming.
A harsh reality awaits
those who genuinely
our lives are
really just molecules
in an existence,
that we can only
pretend to imagine,
amongst galaxies
of the unfamiliar,
and an infinity
truly beyond comprehension.
What a glorious
a return to
the unfathomable,
just beyond reach,
yet never further
than our next
fleeting thought,
or our next warm Guiness
full of wallowing sorrows,
and a million spilt suds,
waiting for us nervously
at the corner pub…

To listen to a reading of the poem by the poet, click on the player below:


Copyright Edward M. Stanton 2017

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By bonniemcclellan

Mother, poet, american ex-pat from Texas living in Northern Italy.


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