Interpretation of Bullies at the Train Station: by Edward M. Stanton


Copyright 2015 Edward M. Stanton. All rights reserved.

The written version of this poem has disappeared, to hear the poet’s reading of this poem click on the audio player below:

To hear a reading of another poem by Edward M. Stanton, click HERE.

By bonniemcclellan

Mother, poet, american ex-pat from Texas living in Northern Italy.


  1. I find myself unsure as to who or what these bullies may be, or where this train station might be, but with international news being so full of terrorism stories my mind runs in that direction, especially given the one God reference. But these questions don’t matter. The poem, with the breathless sound of the lines, seems to speak of our times and the need to find some balance, create some sort of bridge to calmer worlds. Interesting.

    1. J—-over the pond, the recent 12 murders in Paris exuded a growing gutless social justification and dichotomy. These days, either heinous actions are glamorized against innocents, or is secretly applauded in pallor, on a stage of a theater, reserved only for those who believe they are faced with no other options, for their moral dilemma and demented perception, of Sartres ‘No Exit’ avenue. Out of obvious sight, and buried deeply in the morbid catacombs of their own ever-transitioning minds, hate festers in the hearts of these lost soldiers. They are led by spiritual leaders who are merely bullies themselves, and equally the cowards, as the sheep they lead off to self-destruction. Now, with every passing milisecond in our life existence, such human insensitivity and moral insanity begs a different question to ponder, are we just headed on a journey to that more final and natural human fate, or, the ‘real end’ of a great ride?? Yes, John, how do we possibly find our way back to a calmer place where humanity thrives, or are we merely observing the foreshadows of a cruel destiny??

      Thank you for your attention and comments…E

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