Impending: by Bonnie McClellan

We awake to the muffled chaff of rain

as the grey down of clouds roundly tussle

for the pleasure of concealing dawn.


~ by bonniemcclellan on May 26, 2014.

2 Responses to “Impending: by Bonnie McClellan”

  1. Those are the best dawns to awake to for deep thinking, I find.
    Unconcealed dawns
    are far and away
    too distracting.

    • You reminded me of the very threatening and unconcealed dawn in the opening description from D.H. Lawrence’s “Sea and Sardinia”:
      “Under the lid of the half-cloudy night sky, far away at the rim of the Ionian sea, the first light, like metal fusing…
      The sky and sea are parting like an oyster shell, with a low red gape. Looking across from the veranda at it, one shivers. Not that it is cold. The morning is not at all cold. But the ominousness of it: that long red slit between a dark sky and a dark Ionian sea, terrible old bivalve which has held life between its lips so long. And here, at this house, we are ledged so awfully above the dawn…”

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