vacation vertigo: by anonymous 20th century poet

This poem has disappeared from this site. Find it again HERE.

To read more poetry by anonymous 20th century poet, click HERE.

~ by bonniemcclellan on February 19, 2014.

6 Responses to “vacation vertigo: by anonymous 20th century poet”

  1. talking bout the texas wind…


    this one is about Levelland! saw him play once…

  3. i had an old tape of him in the 90’s, i was playing crazy Wind, then turned the tape on the other side and listen to this one ( they’re still my 2 favs from him):

  4. sry, made a mistake, lol:

  5. and what about her?

  6. I learned to swing in that swing as a toddler. Always “let the cat die” rather than dragging my feet or jumping out.

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