born to the precipice: by anonymous 20th century poet

This poem has disappeared from this website, it can now be found here. Listen to a reading of this poem by clicking on the player below:

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~ by bonniemcclellan on February 2, 2014.

4 Responses to “born to the precipice: by anonymous 20th century poet”


    always dangling
    but never falling
    what is this crystal bridge
    on which feet are following a path
    that leads to a place
    without a place
    like the seat of a breath
    or the cradle of a smile

    in the hands of the wind
    feathers of black ink
    are painting the new colors
    of an ancient rainbow

  2. three hundred and sixty degrees

    never arriving.
    what is this point?
    real space
    or abstract reference?
    or illusion?
    a point known
    but unseen
    beneath feet spinning
    to perceive.


    always in the hand
    circling on the lines
    some call destiny

    space without a space
    where words are poor
    and all realities weaker
    than the blind man’s vision

    never arriving
    because never gone
    except in imagination

  4. concentrate

    I wonder at your dreams
    tracing the lines of your hand
    a fluid reality
    of words and visions
    viscous concentrate of poetry

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