Deconstructionist Repairman

The deconstructionist repair man

invites you to enjoy

the brokeness of your item;

he restores your faith in it

‘as is’.

He tells you:
“It’s true beauty is exposed,

now that it’s falling apart.”
Perhaps he will find that it’s not broken enough.

He will fix it:
set each component aside, gently

to aid your contemplation

of it’s inner truth.
He asks, “What is the ultimate reality of this object?”

now that he’s stripped it

of morality’s mask:


By bonniemcclellan

Mother, poet, american ex-pat from Texas living in Northern Italy.


  1. Utility as morality’s mask
    stripped away, as it were,
    from an inner truth
    that bears little

    Moral components that mask the inner truth?
    A mask of moral components over inner truth?

    Let me set all of them aside
    for the moment
    and ask –

    if not from utilitarian components,
    then where from the motivation
    to put it back together

    Could it be that the components,
    have sunk in to the inner truth
    like lasting reflections
    on an ultimate reality?

    Or is it rather the case
    that when I accepted
    the deconstructionist repair man’s invitation
    I presupposed myself
    an item?

    … Thank you Bonnie 🙂

    1. now that he’s given you a good look
      at what’s inside
      it’s you’re job
      to reconstruct
      if you want
      to use it…
      will the cracks show?
      will the apparent flaws
      make it glint in the sun
      now that they catch
      and hold the light?

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