Got married?

Yes I did…on April 29th to a fellow I met more than 30 years ago whom I still love. After all these years he is still busy telling me something new and interesting…

It’s the second time around for both of us so we were a little leery of the process but decided to do it in our home state of Texas where it takes 72 hours and a drivers license instead of our adopted country, Italy where it takes 3 months minimum and a lot of documentation that would need to be translated. In the end it felt so light and spontaneous and easy that we managed to relax and enjoy ourselves after all.

By chance and the JP’s schedule we got the the same day as the British prince and princess. We were a bit more casual though: Matthew wore his great-grandfather’s Stetson and a tie that we’d bought at the Mercato San Lorenzo 4-1/2 years ago during one of my many trips to Carreggi for exams during my pregnancy.  I wore a striped silk dress that I’d bought for a trip to Europe that I took with my Mother in 2001 (10 years and one child later it still fits!…just).

We made the bouquets together (though Matthew chose the flowers and put them together, I tied the ribbon:

My gorgeous niece Casey Glynn was my Maid of Honor and my little girl Robin Kay looked beautiful despite her left-over chicken pox spots:
I’m still not quite used to being Bonnie M. McClellan Broussard, but I do have to say that it’s pretty cool that my initials are now a palindrome BMMB. Also, my daughter is ecstatic: “Now we’re THREE Broussards!” So there it is, the name I used to write over and over again on my school book cover until it was illegible…
life is a difficult, strange and wonderful adventure…

By bonniemcclellan

Mother, poet, american ex-pat from Texas living in Northern Italy.


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