New E.U. mandate replaces the Sun with an Energy Saver Bulb

This is my town, Gemonio, at 4:30 pm today. It’s been like this for the last several days. Not so cold, above freezing every night and up in the 40’s during the day, but grey. I hate to be a whiner but these grey days get to me…it feels like working in a fluorescent lit office building from which there’s no escape.
After a few days I begin to feel disconnected from everything as if my lovely apartment that is so full of windows has become an aquarium and I’m some exotic tropical fish floating around inside doing the laundry. Although there’s no change in the intensity of the light, the colour shifts: this morning the light was grey-green, now it’s changed to grey-blue verging towards grey-black.
As I was thinking about this day I read Bobbie’s Blog and thought…well, at least it’s not snowing. But now I don’t know, snow has a nice hard splang! to it; real cold that crunches under your feet and blows in the front door. I console myself with the brilliant red of pomegranates and the idea that it can’t last forever….can it?

p.s. I’m loving the beautiful scarf that my Mother sent me….take a LOOK at her blog full of beautiful stuff!

By bonniemcclellan

Mother, poet, american ex-pat from Texas living in Northern Italy.

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  1. Bonnie,You have brought more than one smile to my face today. Thank goodness.I really love the stories you write about miss Einstein, she truly is I believe. How many little munchkins know about Mars? Mommie tells her the truth, I know, and I like that, too.You know I am so sick of commas. I think you might live on another planet. It is a triangle blue planet. Love the photo.The scarf is magnificent. I knew you would like it when I scoped it out on your mom's blog.It is nine degrees here, today. My poor little jack russell is very upset. Jim had to dig a path for her. She is so spoiled. He does not make a path for me.I do love the snow, but not when the wind chill is around zero.I love the discription of the light being florescent. I will have to remember that.Have a good day or night.

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