Snow day in Castello Cabiglio

So here we are having a fun day in the snow. Robin and Matthew do most of the playing and I do the filming. Later in the day things turned into a splatter fest. First it was the hot cocoa that I was whipping up with one of those battery operated milk frothers…hot chocolate making spin-art across the table, everything on it, two chairs and the far wall. Later it was grapefruit marmalade which is almost always delicious but splapy in the later stages and somehow seemed extra so today. Lastly was the can of tomatoes with the pull ring that broke…I was  prying it open with a parmesan cheese knife; when I actually succeeded (all too well) there was tomato on the wall, the telephone, the counter, the stove, and the sleeves of a hand-me-down wool cardigan. The center of the tomato eruption landed (of course) on the brand-new-this-winter cream coloured cotton turtle neck that I special ordered from L.L. Bean and had my mother ship to Italy. I’m hoping that the combination of cold water and sapone di Marsiglia followed by Napisan (Italian oxy-clean) will restore it to its original creamy newness. Mostly I’m feeling thankful that I wasn’t using power tools today.

By bonniemcclellan

Mother, poet, american ex-pat from Texas living in Northern Italy.

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