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The neighbours could hear you: by Christian Stokbro Karlsen

Dette digt er forsvundet fra denne blog. Det kan findes i bogen af Christian Stokbro-Karlsen – “FJERNARKIV” at læse Christians blog på dansk, klik HER. The written version of this poem has disappeared from this blog. To listen to a reading of this poem in English, click on the player below: to hear more poetry… Continue reading The neighbours could hear you: by Christian Stokbro Karlsen

IPM 2014: Where are they now?

Poets are charged with throwing their works into the breach, paving the unseeable future with words that transform the painful, the splendid and the ordinary of where we are now and where we have been, into where we are going…making the leap, perhaps of faith or perhaps of desperation or even of joy. The future… Continue reading IPM 2014: Where are they now?

Where are they now?

“IPM will be presenting poems that map territories both broad and intimate, urban and rural, topographies of nations, family relationships and internal landscapes. I invite you all to come and read, bring your keys and re-map the territory of the coming 28 days of poetry…who knows what you’ll discover about your own territory…You are Here.… Continue reading Where are they now?

What’s New Too…

Here are a few more updates to let readers know what this year’s IPM poets have been up to since February. If you missed the first ones, click HERE to find out what’s new with Gilles-Marie Chenot, Maxine Beneba Clarke and Chris Fillebrown. Meanwhile… Australian poet Brad Frederiksen has been posting a fabulous series of… Continue reading What’s New Too…

Where are they now?

“It is this gesture towards real communication, offered in the midst of the flash-flood of information that our culture deluges us with every morning as soon as we open our eyes, that is being offered by the poets who will be presented over the next 29 days. An arbitrary flower in the midst of chaos… Continue reading Where are they now?

IPM 2MXI…Where have all the poems gone?

“We’re all trying: poets to give you, the reader, the gift of an image that cannot be offered in any better way, that cracks you a bit and frees something; you, readers, are giving us the gift of your searching, your curiosity, your attention…” That’s what I wrote on the 31st. of January when I… Continue reading IPM 2MXI…Where have all the poems gone?